About US

Borsha Investment Holding built the largest and most equipped slaughterhouse in the country in 1397 to complete the production chain of meat products. This slaughterhouse is operating with the necessary permits in 1399 with a daily capacity of 150 calves and 1,500 lambs. In addition to fattening light and heavy livestock with low fat content and high protein, this national project took an effective step in meeting the country’s need for red meat. Therefore, the production department of Sarzamin Gosht Parsian Company, with the advice of the most experienced animal nutritionists in the country, has packaged and processed protein products under the supervision of the veterinary of the whole country.

This slaughterhouse, with an inspection and animal research team selected from the best and most experienced people in the country, buys the best livestock in Iran with the best breeds and then refers them to the slaughterhouse for daily slaughter.

This company is the most important strength of Borsha Investment Holding. Like other subsidiaries of Borsha Holding, this company has been able to take an important step in supplying the country’s red meat by using the latest equipment.